I thought Ghost Cadet was a really good book. I just could not stop reading it! It was so interesting because Benjy and Hugh were trying to find the watch in so many different ways (like meeting in the night to dig up the watch) and even more.

I also liked that it had true facts like:
1. Hugh was a real person.
2. There really was a gold watch.
Ghost Cadet Resources Rebecca McDowell letter, June 1864

One weird thing is the author thought she had made up the watch but she did not. She had the character in mind and was looking for something to tie the "ghost" to the battlefield. Talking about the story, here's what she had to say on her web page:
"I asked my husband, who comes from an old Virginia family, and he immediately suggested a family watch. Then I found out Cadet McDowell's father wrote to the Virginia Military Institute grieving for his son, and giving instructions for the return of his son's belongings, including his gold watch. The next letter said that the watch had not been returned. To my amazement, the real Cadet McDowell had actually owned a gold pocket watch, and that watch disappeared as of the Battle of New Market. It has never been found."

I would recommend this book to anyone! (Although you will have to read the book yourselves because I'm not telling if they found the watch.)